Batman Justice League Funko Keychain


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Batman is a wealthy socialite, and the owner of Wayne Enterprises. He dedicates himself to protecting Gotham City from its criminal underworld as a highly trained, masked vigilante equipped with various tools and weapons. Ben Affleck noted on how the film gave him an opportunity to reinvent him and portray a more classic take on the character. He described that in Justice League, audiences will see Batman as more heroic, and more of a leader. “Batman is by nature, not necessarily anti-social, pretty private, pretty alone,” Affleck says. “And then in this movie he’s thrust into the role of having to not only work with people, but bring them together and convince them to come in and try to hold all that community effort together. That was a really interesting thing to play for me, and it also does take us to a more traditional role for Batman in the Justice League comics, and his role with the Justice League versus the sort of less typical version we saw in Batman v Superman, where he was blinded by rage and wanted to take on Superman.” (Source: Wikipedia)

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