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Bronx (vocal effects provided by Frank Welker) – Bronx is a dog-like gargoyle beast. Bronx is named for the New York borough. He often stays with Hudson within the clan’s residence, keeping him company while watching television. Gargoyles, despite having large wings, can only fly by gliding on updrafts and on the wind. They have sharp claws that can dig into any kind of solid surface, and they can use these to climb vertical surfaces. They are also excellent swimmers. While not inherently immortal, gargoyles can be extremely long-lived, a result of stone sleep—which slows or halts their aging process until they wake again the following night. Even in old age (as evidenced in the episode “Grief”), they are not as frail and incapacitated as other creatures. Because they spend half their day asleep as stone, they age at half the rate of a human, thus living twice as long. (Source: Wikipedia)

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