Kingdom Hearts III Sora 6-Inch Action Figure


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Sora returns for a new adventure in the game Kingdom Hearts III! Now you can recreate your favorite scenes from the game with this Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts 2nd Form Action Figure – Previews Exclusive! Sora has been re-created in a more compact size but still holds great detail. This easy-to-carry figure is so compact it fits right in the palm of your hands! Just like the Play Arts Kai figure, this 6-inch figure also comes with a wide range of motion in the articulated joints, his keyblade and 2 other keyblade forms, and even interchangeable hands and face parts! This small but impressive figure also comes with a display stand so you can pose even further! Measures about 6-inches tall.

Sora is a fictional character and the protagonist of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts video game series. Introduced in the first Kingdom Hearts game in 2002, Sora is portrayed as a cheerful teenager who lives in the Destiny Islands and has been best friends with Riku and Kairi since childhood. When they plan to go on a journey to see other worlds, they are separated by creatures known as the Heartless, with Sora obtaining a weapon called the Keyblade. Donald Duck and Goofy then recruit him in their journey across various worlds to aid King Mickey while Sora searches for his friends. Along the way, the trio protects the worlds they visit from various villains. In Kingdom Hearts II, Sora searches for Riku and fights against Organization XIII, who attempt to seize Kingdom Hearts for their own. Sora has also made supporting appearances in other games from the series, and reprises his role in manga and light novel adaptations of the games. (Source: Wikipedia)

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