Mister Negative Funko Pop!


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During the first story of “Brand New Day” storyline, Mister Negative first comes into conflict with Spider-Man when he makes a power play toward taking control of New York’s criminal underworld by attempting to wipe out all existing members of the Karnelli and Maggia crime families using a DNA specific bio-weapon called the “Devil’s Breath”. In exchange for leaving the Maggia families’ children alive, he takes a sample of Spider-Man’s blood to use in a Devil’s Breath formula. Mister Negative later tries to use the Devil’s Breath formula to kill Spider-Man during a fight with the Maggia, but Spider-Man is able to hold his breath long enough to escape alive. Spider-Man then recruits the Black Cat to help steal the web-slinger’s remaining blood from Mister Negative and replace it with a vial of pig blood so Mister Negative is unaware of his loss. (Source: Wikipedia)

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