The Night King Funko Keychain



The Night King, according to Barrie Gower, is a primarily practical prosthetic, but also incorporates some VFX to create a more icy look and feel, saying about the eyes, “The effects department alters the eyes in post-production. They give them that blue-glowy hue to them, which we can’t really achieve with contact lenses.” In regards to the overall prosthetic, “they’ve added this sort of icy layer over the top of him to create this—it’s something incredibly difficult to achieve practically, prosthetics are cast in a translucent rubber, which can only give you so much of that icy quality, so visual effects help augment it a little bit further to give it more dimension.” In the fourth and fifth season, the Night King was portrayed by Richard Brake, with a head mold of Brake being created in order to accurately mold the prosthetic to his face. In the sixth season he was portrayed by Vladimir Furdik. The White Walker army was first shot in front of a green screen in Magheramorne quarry, and according to a piece in The Hollywood Reporter “A scan was taken from a drone and used as the basis for a CG model of the location, which was augmented with VFX and joined with volcanic hills that were photographed in Iceland.” Crowd replication was used to create the 1,000-man army, with special effects supervisor Joe Bauer saying “It’s scans of those actors in the makeup and costumes, with variations we used to make a digital army that extends up onto the hills.” (Source: Wikipedia)

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