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Rebecca Cunningham (voiced by Sally Struthers) is a petite brown bear with long brown hair in a French twist style, usually wears a white turtleneck sweater, and a purple-red jacket and matching slacks. She is nicknamed “Becky”, “Beckers”, “Beck” by Baloo which at first she highly resented being called, but soon grew accustomed to with affection. Rebecca bought out Baloo’s Air Service and his plane in the introductory episode Plunder & Lightning when the pilot failed to pay his bank loan, and renamed the business “Higher for Hire”. Although she originally relegated herself to the administrative and sales functions of the business, the series shows she eventually learns to be a capable would-be pilot in her own right. Baloo’s laziness and carefree attitude towards his responsibilities often infuriates her explosive temper, despite having some possible feelings toward him at times which does come up as a blistering jealous streak. She sometimes acts as a maternal figure for Kit Cloudkicker. However, Rebecca’s confidence in Kit was put to the test. While Kit was babysitting her daughter Molly, the girl accidentally got separated from him when the wagon she was on rolled down a hill. When Rebecca heard that her young daughter had been so far from home, she blamed Kit and would not let him explain what happened, accusing him of being “reckless and irresponsible”. Later in the episode, her confidence in him was restored when he saved her daughter from a giant squid. (Source: Wikipedia)

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