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Riku (リク) is a childhood friend and rival of Sora who resides with him and Kairi on the world of Destiny Islands. Originally appearing as a non-playable character in the original game, where he is introduced as 15 years old, he has a playable role in the “Reverse/Rebirth” story mode of Chain of Memories, the multiplayer mode of 358/2 Days, and the core story of Dream Drop Distance. He is also a computer-controlled party member exclusive to the final level of Kingdom Hearts II, and is temporarily playable during a sequence where Sora is incapacitated in the game’s final boss battle. His signature weapon is the “Soul Eater” sword, a manifestation of the darkness in his heart. During the first game, Riku is revealed to be the rightful owner of Sora’s Keyblade, which is bequeathed onto the five-year-old Riku by Terra during the events of Birth by Sleep; however, his reliance on the power of darkness causes the Keyblade to reject Riku in favor of Sora. In Kingdom Hearts II, the 16-year-old Riku acquires another Keyblade of his own, the “Way to the Dawn”; this Keyblade is later broken in Kingdom Hearts III, leading him to obtain a new Keyblade, “Braveheart”. During the invasion of Heartless in Kingdom Hearts, Riku immerses himself in darkness to discover new worlds beyond his home. Arriving at Hollow Bastion, Riku is manipulated by Maleficent into aiding her plans for world conquest in exchange for knowledge to restoring Kairi’s missing heart. He is later tricked into allowing Xehanort’s Heartless, Ansem, to possess his body. Following Ansem’s defeat, Riku helps Sora and King Mickey close the door to Kingdom Hearts, remaining on the other side with the king. (Source: Wikipedia)

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