Snowball/Snuffles Funko Keychain


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Snowball (voiced by Rob Paulsen) – Snuffles was the Smith family dog. Fed up with the dog’s lack of intelligence, Jerry asked Rick to create a device which would amplify it. This caused Snuffles to realize that dogs are being oppressed and create robot suits for himself and other dogs to take over the world, demanding to be referred to as Snowball because his “fur is pretty and white”. Since Morty was kind to him, he keeps Morty as his own pet and pampers him, exhibiting the same kind of “pet parent” behavior that his species rebelled against humanity for. Rick tricks him into thinking that Morty is dying of a fatal kidney disease, so Snuffles spares no expense attempting to cure Morty. After realizing that he and the other dogs became what they hated by enslaving humanity, they become remorseful and travel to a new dimension to live in peace. (Source: Wikipedia)

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