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Winston is a 29-year old genetically engineered gorilla. A scientist and adventurer, he was formerly based in the Horizon Lunar Colony, located on the Moon. The Horizon Lunar Colony was established as part of humanity’s space exploration; some of its first inhabitants were genetically enhanced gorillas, like Winston, used in tests relating to prolonged space habitation. Due to displaying rapid brain development from the experiment’s gene therapy, he was taken under Dr. Harold Winston’s wing; he taught the young gorilla about science and inspired Winston about human ingenuity. The other gorillas soon led an uprising and killed the colony’s scientists, claiming it as their own. He took the name of his caretaker, created a rocket and flew to Earth where he would join Overwatch. While in Overwatch, he invented the chronal accelerator, which helped fellow Overwatch member Tracer maintain control of her time; before this, Tracer suffered from a chronal dissociation which kept her from keeping a physical form in the present. (Source: Wikipedia)

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